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Definition of Palomo

It is a bird that has been domesticated and that comes from the wild pigeon, it is normally smaller than the latter and of different colors.

In some contexts, the common pigeon or wood pigeon is called that way.

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It is an adjective that is applied to people who are naive or who do not take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of them. In other words, it is a synonym for fool. For example: This guy if he is a pigeon, he had a date with Lucia and he did not kiss her.

Man who can only get social or have sex with a woman by paying for it.

That person who is entrusted with a secret and immediately goes and tells it to someone else, especially the one who should have known the least. For example: I will not tell you anything again for pigeon.

It is used to identify people who appear to have money or luxuries and do not really have it, or it does not belong to them. For example: That pigeon only pretends with his girlfriend’s money and he has nothing.

It can refer to a disloyal or treacherous individual. An example would be: Dont trust that guy, he is very pigeon and not to be trusted.


One of the names applied to the male sexual apparatus, that is, it is a synonym for p # ne.


The name given to the female sexual apparatus in this country, in other words, it is synonymous with vulv # ov # gina.


In some regions of Latin America, people who are kind, who do not harm others and have a noble heart are called pigeons.

It is said of someone peaceful and quiet, that is, a person who is characterized by a calm character.

Person who is dedicated to propagandism and who stands out in this profession.

In politics it refers to a person who always seeks mediation in favor of peaceful and conciliatory actions.

For the maritime area, this name designates a part of the ship’s structure where part of the breezes is placed. In addition, it is the name given to the foamy waves that are created when the wind blows cool.


Palomo in all its meanings comes from the Latin palumbus which originally means “wood pigeon”. For this reason, it is especially applied to various birds that are related to the pigeon in appearance or family. However, in the Hispanic world it has many more semantic applications.

Depending on the place where it is expressed and the linguistic context, this word can refer to something positive or negative. Each of these meanings depends on cultural issues specific to each place and many of their meanings are approved by the RAE.


El Palomo Cojo is the name of a Spanish comedy film directed and written by Jaime de Armiñán, released in 1995. Its remarkable success earned it a nomination for the “Goyas Awards” in 1996 in the category of “Best Adapted Screenplay”.

Fernando Palomo is a renowned Salvadoran journalist and sports commentator who works for the ESPN network. In his days as an athlete he specialized in the javelin throw.

In ancient times the use of homing pigeons was very common. These pigeons are animals that specialize in locating geographically and making it back to their loft.