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Opening chakras is dangerous

Definition of Opening chakras is dangerous

When working directly on the chakras it is possible to awaken energies that are difficult to use and could cause problems, as this would be equivalent to the example of an individual who in his life has never run 20 kilometers and suddenly without the proper preparation makes the effort to run 100 kilometers.

Another example could be that of a person who has never lifted weights and want to force him to lift 100 kg, because he could hurt himself and damage his body without any need.

Everything happens gradually with practice and the same happens with the chakras, they open little by little as the person works on himself accordingly and properly.

Process to open chakras

When a person wishes to open the Heart chakra, then most likely they will not have to put effort into strange visualizations, or deep meditations to force it open, but simply focus on loving, including enemies.

This practice not only purifies the heart, but also reinforces the steps to open the chakras and even contributes positive energy.

It is one thing to have a lot of time doing yoga and meditating, or to have knowledge of reiki, or even other energy management techniques that have to do with the chakras. But it is quite another to want to open them, in which case, you should seek support from someone qualified to do so.

Advice for opening chakras

In general terms, it is most certain that the chakras will open gradually and without any danger or restrictions when you work properly on loving yourself and loving others, being a person of coherent and congruent emotions, living a full life and full of personal satisfactions.

But if instead of that, you try too hard to achieve your openness by forcing the process, it is possible that the side effects will be negative and dangerous.