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Definition of Benjamín

In the bible Benjamin literally means “Son of the right hand” and is referred to a symbol of virtue as well as “son of the right hand”, also understood as the favorite son.


  1. Virtue
  2. Strength
  3. Favorite son
  4. Right hand

ORIGIN OF Benjamín

In the Bible, Benjamin was the youngest son of Rachel and Jacob; his mother died after giving birth to him. But he later became a religious leader of Canaan in 1553 BC.

According to some anthroponymic studies it is thought that the name Benjamin comes from the Hebrew word “Ben amin”, which literally means “son of the right hand” or “son of the right hand”.

It is a fairly common name in the Old Testament, so it is possible to consider it the biblical name, where it sometimes appears in the version “Ben Oni” which could mean “son of my sorrow”, then mutated or transformed into “Ben yamin”, and evolved to the current Benjamin.

Generally, the youngest or favorite son of a large family is called “the benjamin”.

It should be remembered that Benjamin Franklin was a famous American politician, scientist and inventor who is considered the Founding Father of the United States and is known under the title of “The First American”.

As well as another famous Benjamin Constant de Requebec, the 18th century French philosopher, writer and politician of Swiss origin.


The date of his saint’s day corresponds to March 31, it is a tribute to Benjamin of Persia, a deacon of the third century.

The personality of the name Benjamin is associated with a characteristic of a close, attentive and understanding being.

He is an enthusiastic person, easily excited and motivated to grow personally. In addition, he possesses leadership and entrepreneurial qualities. Benjamin tends to be very faithful and supportive of stable and lasting relationships.