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Chakras and Diseases

Definition of Chakras and Diseases

A chakra or wheel in Sanskrit should be able to rotate freely in the human being, because when it is so the energy flows throughout the body in a balanced way and the person has mood and health.

However, when there is a blockage or malfunction in one of the chakras, mental, physical and emotional illnesses arise, which are seen daily in thousands of people.

How the chakras are linked to illnesses

The 7 chakras have a meaning and are linked to a part of the body, which is why each one of them is responsible for the different manifestations that may occur in the body.

First chakra

When the energy is hindered in the first chakra, the mechanisms for survival are affected, currently identified with working and studying.
But also, there may be fear to face daily life and the person becomes shy and distrustful, which influences relationships with others.

Second chakra

Here the pleasure originates and when the energy does not work in a correct way, the capacity and desire for enjoyment is reduced, for example in sexual relations.

Third chakra

It is related to the underuse or overuse of power, but it is also linked to negative feelings such as insecurity, inferiority and lack of confidence. As this chakra is located in the pit of the stomach, an imbalance here could cause stomach and digestive problems.

Fourth chakra

This chakra located in the chest regulates everything related to feelings and our heart. Its malfunction could manifest itself with problems to love or accept others, but also through respiratory and heart diseases.

Fifth chakra

All ailments related to the throat arise from problems in the functioning of this chakra responsible for communication and regulation of our voice.

Sixth chakra

Headaches are the responsibility of this chakra, as well as vision problems. An imbalance in this energy center can also lead to mental confusions such as personality disorders.

Seventh chakra

This chakra refers to the connection of people with heaven, with divinity. When there is a failure in its functioning we would be facing an individual who deviates from his spiritual path.