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How to unblock chakras

Definition of How to unblock chakras

There are many ways to unblock the chakras and the most universal are breathing exercises, yoga postures and of course meditation.

However, there are many people who also use crystals, healing stones and sound therapy, in addition to some methods, procedures and techniques that make it possible to unblock each of the seven chakras of the body.

Unblocking the chakras

For such purposes the yoga postures known as “the camel”, “the dove” and “the lizard” are excellent. After the yoga practice, the person can sit in meditation and imagine a light of the color of the chakra he or she wishes to unblock running through the whole body.

Also the yoga postures of “the cobra”, “the boat” and “the chair” are very useful for opening the chakras and regaining the balance of the body with the mind and spirit.

Examples of practices to unblock chakras

When the first chakra, or root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine is blocked, it is possible to feel anxiety and fear.

So to unblock it, grounding exercises are performed, such as walking barefoot on the sand or sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the ground.

To unblock the chakra responsible for creativity or sacral chakra, it is recommended to do exercises that connect the head directly to the body, so to speak on the physical plane.

These types of activities can be as simple as dancing, drawing or even cooking. That is, doing something that connects the person with all their senses, thus allowing them to express themselves and encourage creativity.

In general, doing exercises to increase confidence and self-esteem or activities that make you feel good and provide a sense of control are certainly a good starting point.