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Chakras y Emociones

Definition of Chakras y Emociones

From the knowledge of the chakras we can understand that a person is not only composed of the physical body that is observed in a tangible way, it also integrates a mental entity, an emotional entity and an energetic entity in movement. All this is conformed by emotions.

Each of the 7 chakras focuses on a different emotion and can be activated or stimulated through different ways such as yoga, which will work as a way of healing and moving towards the connection of the soul with the mind and body.

Chakras and emotions

The spinal cord functions as the physical column of the energetic body through which the chakras are connected, specifically through channels known as Nadis that contain emotional information and vital energy.

When the vital energy circulates correctly between all the chakras we balance the energetic body and the emotions are in positive.

It is possible to identify how each of the 7 chakras is related to the emotions from a series of basic questions.

  • Chakra 1: in what areas of life do you feel you are losing stability and why?
  • Chakra 2: what do you want to do from the bottom of your heart and do not allow yourself to do because of guilt, fear of being judged or because of limits placed on you since childhood?
  • Chakra 3: how often do you allow others to decide for you and under what conditions?
  • Chakra 4: who is the person who is unable to forgive and what emotions does this situation provoke in you?
  • Chakra 5: what are the areas of life in which you do not know how to express yourself and why?
  • Chakra 6: when did you not obey your inner voice and what happened?
  • Chakra 7: what happened in your life that you consider a miracle, a work of your Higher Self, of the Universe?
    The answer to all this helps to identify what needs to be healed; it is an opportunity to achieve the harmony, peace and emotional stability that everyone desires.