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How to align the chakras

Definition of How to align the chakras

To align the chakras it is possible to attend various therapeutic methods to heal this situation and reduce the emotional, physical and spiritual discomfort, which would ensure that we can return to enjoy a peaceful life.

The imbalances that present some of these chakras tend to cause a discomfort or altered state of your way of being in the world, because the energy is not flowing properly and is stagnant, thus preventing proper functioning.

Methods to align the chakras

It is then when they tend to become unbalanced we must try to rebalance them and return to that sense of well-being; and there are different ways to align the chakras.
There are different ways to align the chakras to regain the feeling of well-being, one of them is through the use of mantras and the other is through techniques such as meditation.

Mantras to align the chakras

Mantras are sounds that can be emitted with prayers specifically designed to calm the mind and meditate. There are different kinds of mantras, for example here is one that will help you align these energy points so that your energy flows smoothly.
You should be as relaxed as possible on the floor, with your back straight and your legs placed one on top of the other and with your eyes slightly closed.
Then you should focus your attention on the chakra you wish to heal, keeping and maintaining the attention of the mind on that particular point of the body.
Once in this position you should begin to emit the sounds aloud and then softly; the mantra could be “Yahm”, “Om”, “Ram” or “Lam” and the idea is to be able to extend the last letter as much as possible to reach the necessary vibrational tones.

Meditation to align chakras

Another way to align the chakras is achieved through meditation, because with this practice the thoughts are silenced in order to be with the inner self which, at the same time, is the “I” that connects with the world.
This meditation should last approximately 30 minutes, and at the beginning of the session you should let the mind relax, which is sometimes very difficult to achieve.