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Ojitos pispiretos

Definition of Ojitos pispiretos

Ojitos pispiretos is a phrase that refers to someone who has a cheerful, light or lively look. It is usually a compliment to a woman who is flirtatious, sensual, lively, with a friendly character and pretty eyes. It is used mainly in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

ORIGIN OF Ojitos pispiretos

This phrase is written incorrectly, since the word “pispiretos” does not exist in the dictionary of the Real Academia Española. In this case, it should be written with the letter z, being “pizpiretos” or “pizpiretas” in feminine.

A possible origin of this phrase comes from a song with the same name by the Mexican group Mariachi Nuevo Tamazula. It is a 2015 single from their album No Me Pidas Perdón.

The song talks about a woman whom the protagonist defines as charming, with beautiful and lively eyes.

He alludes to her sparkling gaze saying that it makes him sigh to the point of falling in love with her.

Thissong, as well as many others in the industry, talks about the power of the gaze of the person of our desires.

CURIOSITIES OF Ojitos pispiretos

In many Latin American countries, the expression “tener ojitos pispiretos” is used to tell someone who sees with “love eyes”.

Another less frequent use of the phrase is to refer to the tender gaze of a small child.