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Rosa Melano

Definition of Rosa Melano


It is a name that hides a double meaning meaning. This gambling has a connotation of sexual character, specifically, it is an invitation of s # x or #nal.


Proper name that can be found in any Spanish-speaking country. The last name Melano is used frequently in countries like Argentina.


Albures like Rosa Melano are totally frequent in Latin America. Especially in Mexico albures are part of the culture and common expressions. However, these two-way jokes are not welcome everywhere.

The name Rosa Melano hides the imperative phrase “rub my anus”. In this sense, he makes a direct invitation to an act of s # x or #nal. However, when this name is expressed, it is not literally alluding to it.

The popularity of albures is because people enjoy double meaning phrases. Either by mischief or by confusing and making fun of someone who does not know the meanings of the phrases.


One of the variants of the albur “Rosa Melano” is “Toca Melano”. Ultimately, the meaning is the same, only expressed in a different way.

Lucas Santiago Melano is an Argentine player who has been part of several intentional and unintentional comments. One of them an announcer narrated in the middle of the game “la toca melano” which produced mockery and various comments on social networks.