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No me ame

Definition of No me ame

No me ame is a negative connotation sentence, made up of a negative adverb that is not , a personal pronoun in the first person which is me and finally by the verb to love that in this sentence is conjugated in the first person.

No me ame is also the title of an urban genre song by artist Anuel AA in collaboration with Juice WRLD American rapper who died in 2019 and produced by Rvssian producer and Jamaican singer.

The song was already produced before the death of artist Juice WRLD, and the release of this was a tribute to his memory and legacy.  

Curious fact

It is important to highlight the presence or not of a letter, since there is a song performed by Jennifer López better known as Jlo in a duet with her ex-husband Marc Anthony which is called do not love me.

Despite being of different genres, the theme of the song is closely linked to that of trap played by Anuel AA and Juice WRLD.

This ballad was written by Alejandro Sanz to be performed by these artists who were a couple at the time.