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Definition of Nashe

“Nashe” is a word invented by an Argentine ‘streamer’ to refer to something very impressive, very good or impacting in a positive way that can be seen or read.


  1. Something very impressive, very good.
  2. Something that makes an impact in a very positive way.


Apart from the languages of the different generations and social groups, there are also words specific to technologies and social networks, as is the case of Nashe in TikTok.

Nashe was invented by a well-known Argentinean streamer better known as Coscu and from that moment on his followers started to use it and made it viral. Some users on TikTok have even made videos explaining how it came about.

Although the unknown still prevails in some users, the number of users who do not know the meaning of Nashe is decreasing, so the number of people who know the term continues to expand and many even venture to use this term in their videos.


Apparently, Coscu started to say “Nashe” while broadcasting and his millions of followers -better known as the Coscu Army, i.e. the community of Argentinean gamers and streamers- took it upon themselves to viralize the word and explain its meaning.

In the lexicon used by teenagers, the expression “nashy” already existed, which is almost like the “cool” that they have been using for years.

Coscu’s real name is Martín Pérez Disalvo and he has more than three million followers on Instagram, more than one million on Twitter and more than four million on YouTube. He was born in La Plata, Argentina, on August 4, 1991 and has developed a successful career as a content creator and streamer.

Nashe has become one of the most searched words of the year 2021.