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Definition of Mouse

The mouse is the device used in computers and laptops that is operated with one hand and allows the pointer to move over the screen to transmit various commands.
They are usually made of plastic and have a mechanism that allows them to detect the user’s movement on a flat surface.


  1. Pointing device
  2. Computer device
  3. Pointer


The inventor of the mouse was Douglas Engelbart, who worked as a radio technician in World War II. It should be noted that by the early 1960s, computers used punch cards and this made it very difficult to open or close a window.
Engelbart, in his efforts to improve this interaction between users and machines, created the first mouse prototype in 1967.
This first model consisted of a box with two metal wheels on the bottom, a button and a cable. The cable was on the wrong side so its use and operation was complicated and this detail was changed in the second prototype.
Later changes were applied to subsequent models that consisted of reducing the size of the device, incorporating a wheel and even the most current ones that are wireless with USB or Bluetooth connection and are increasingly smaller and ergonomic.


It is said that Steve Jobs, from Apple was the one who invented the mouse, but supposedly he was the only one who used it for the first time in a commercial way in his Lisa computer (the future Macintosh). It is rumored that Jobs paid $40,000 for the copyright.