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Body paint

Definition of Body paint

Body paint is an English phrase that translates as body paint or body painting and refers to that artistic expression that focuses on decorating the body of a human being directly with paints. If we have to make an analogy, the body would be the painter’s canvas.

This type of art can be observed creating figures on the human body or simply decorating it completely to build a masterpiece that tells the story of the person or subject who carries the painting.


  1. Body art
  2. Body painting
  3. Plastic expression
  4. Body design with paint

ORIGIN OF Body paint

The body paint has its origin since prehistoric times, men and women of that time to demonstrate, either knowledge or position, in the society where they lived, wrote on their body so that their peers could observe their message.

Then, they proceeded to write in stone, known as hieroglyphs, but they did not leave aside the practice of painting their bodies. In fact, warriors marked their faces with stripes to identify themselves to others and differentiate themselves.

Today, the body paint also includes tears and burns if the subject allows it, so we would speak of body paint as an experience and experience that the painter wants to convey to the subject that is being the canvas. It involves an emotional state more than an artistic one.


In Morocco, the body paint is widely used on hands and feet, especially women on holidays. As a curious fact it should be noted that married women decorate their hands and feet while single women decorate only their hands, it is a symbol that distinguishes their marital status.