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Definition of Email

An acronym for the words electronic mail, which in Spanish mean “correo electronico”. In other words, it is the system of messages delivered electronically from a computer user to one or more recipients over a network.

By extension, an email is each of the messages that are sent or received through the mail systems on the internet.


Email is an abbreviation of the words electronic mail which means electronic mail. This acronym has not been accepted by the Spanish language despite its widespread use, instead the words “mail” or “email” are recommended.

The email system is used to send and receive messages electronically over a computer network. Email is asynchronous and does not require the recipient of the message to be online at the time the message is sent or received.


The email system called Gmail is the most used email in the world. This email from Google appeared in 2004 and from that moment it began an impressive escalation and in just 8 years it managed to consolidate.

“El email” is a 2004 song by Mexican singer-songwriter Aleks Sintek. This song is part of the album “Romántico Desliz” and corresponds to song number 3 on it.