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Definition of Morocha

This word has several meanings. In some countries, it means a white person with dark skin and hair, or a person with very curly hair who is brown or black. However, in countries like Argentina, “morocha” refers to a black cast iron pot. In Venezuela, the term is used to refer to siblings born in the same birth, but who are not twins, although there are exceptions where it does encompass twins.


  1. Moreno (dark-skinned)
  2. Negro (black)
  3. Person with dark skin and hair
  4. Black pot
  5. Siblings born in the same birth


This word comes from the Quechua language word “muruch’u” (morocha), which refers to a variety of very hard corn. Therefore, it is a type of American corn with which different foods and beverages are prepared. It can also be used as a masculine noun.

In Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay, it refers to a person with dark or black hair and skin. In Nicaragua, the term is used to refer to a person, especially children, who are missing teeth. In Venezuela, it is also used to refer to twins and even identical twins. In Ecuador, Honduras, and other countries in Central America, it is used to describe a healthy and robust person.


This word can be used in several ways as an adjective and also as a noun, depending on the context. Its English equivalents include “dark-skinned,” “dark-haired,” “brunette,” “twin,” “healthy,” “robust,” “strong,” and “white hominy corn.” Similarly, it is used in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay to name a type of corn and the beverages or foods made with this grain.