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Definition of Ciprés

It is a tree that is 15 to 20 meters high with conical foliage and is highly appreciated in the world for its characteristics.

Name given to the wood that is extracted from any type of ciprés. This wood is characterized by its quality, its red color and its pleasant aroma.


The word ciprés comes from the late Latin cypressuswhich designates the same type of tree. Some experts mention that it derives from Cyprus (Cyprus), because it is a native species of this place.

A ciprés can grow in almost all warm and temperate areas of the world. This makes it a species with multiple cultural backgrounds. For example, in Europe it has a more ornamental use, while in Asia, it is used as a companion to temples and religious buildings.


Due to its shape, the ciprés is used ornamentally in parks and is used as a windbreak in rural areas.

The softwood from this tree is used to make furniture, boards, boxes, and crafts. The best selections can be used on decorative boards, turnery, guitar veneers, and more.

In natural medicine, various species of ciprés are highly appreciated for their healing properties in many treatments.

Regarding its longevity, the ciprés can live more than 300 years. In addition, it shows rapid growth in its first years of life.