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Alerta Ashanti

Definition of Alerta Ashanti

The phrase Ashanti Alert, Alerta Ashanti in Spanish, refers to a defense mechanism, a security method developed by the Puerto Rico House of Representatives so that the population can identify and, when the alarm is activated, know that they must help search for a missing person.

The Ashanti Alert allows for the activation of search groups for any individual between 18 and 64 years of age who is lost, and it is an alarm that many countries use, not just in Puerto Rico.

SYNONYMS FOR Alerta Ashanti

  1. Watch
  2. Alert
  3. Search method
  4. Actions to find a missing person
  5. Specific alert
  6. Missing person alert
  7. Ashanti Alert law

ORIGIN OF Alerta Ashanti

The words Ashanti Alert, as we have already expressed, are an alert mechanism to find missing persons.

Certainly, alerts have existed for a long time, but this phrase began in 2018 with the disappearance of Ashanti Billie, a native of Maryland who disappeared in September 2017.

This search had many initiatives and teams, so much so that now in Puerto Rico, every time someone goes missing, the alarm serves to create awareness and live safely.


In Peru and other countries, the Ashanti Alert is issued with a distinctive sound and accompanying message. The message at the bottom states that anyone should help search and provides details about the missing person.

The Ashanti Alert set a precedent in the world, being a wonderful initiative to protect people, especially women who have been victims of murders, kidnappings, and many other terrible crimes in society.