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Definition of Runas

The word runas, runes in English, refers to an ancient alphabet that is now used to discover astral meanings and understand some complex life situations.
They are geometric figures drawn on different materials, especially stone, and were used by the Norse to communicate with each other. Nowadays, runes represent a means of communication between the gods and mankind.





Divine messages.


Mythology tells that Odin, the god of all gods, received the runes carved in stone as a message from the universe in exchange for a sacrifice, all this was asked by Odin only to know the secrets and mysteries that the universe kept in itself.

After a while, Odin shared this knowledge with humans and used the runes to communicate with them, send them blessings and tell them when there were enemies and thus take care of them.

This origin is now what determines the use of the term in the spiritual sense, being a means between gods and humans to know if there is an enemy in sight and understand the mysteries that the future holds.


The runes fell into oblivion when Christianity had its heyday.

Today, with the freedom of thought and the return of esoteric beliefs, astronomers and astrology, the runes have come to light, being a method of divination and a study tool, as it is believed to possess divine stones that help in communicating with gods.

According to their practitioners, runes do not give a clear message, but rather, they provide guidance, give signs and orient about the decisions that people must take based on some difficulty or change in life.