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Truqui Truqui

Definition of Truqui Truqui

We are sure of something, and that is that “Truqui Truqui” sounds quite adorable, but what is the meaning of Truqui Truqui? Here at The Wan Shi Tong Library, we are going to enlighten you. Here we go!

In the Dominican Republic , drinking truqui truqui is taking all the liquid from a container without detaching from it. However, if during this process the individual stops swallowing, or stops the rhythm, even if they continue to stick to the container, they will no longer have drunk truqui truqui, and this means that to drink something truqui truqui, you must take all the content of the container without peeling off and without stopping the rhythm with which the liquid is ingested.

On the other hand, in Ecuador there is a television channel called RTS , where they broadcast ” El Club de la Mañana “, a program for training. In this program there is a section entitled “The truqui truqui de Doña Sary”, where a woman gives us “tricks” or “life hack” that make life easier.

In Portuguese it is pronounced Truqui Truqui, but it is written Truque Truque.