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Definition of Zaza


Onomatopoeia used in countries like the United States to refer to the sexual act. That is, it designates it directly. For example: Tonight I want to do the zaza.


It refers to an ethnic group of Iranian origin who live mainly to the east of a region in Turkey called Anatolia. Their customs, in addition to the indigenous ones, focus on Muslim culture, since most of them belong to Sunni or Alevi Islam.



The word zaza is an onomatopoeia that is born from the sound generated in the sexual act.


The term zaza for this case comes from Kurdish and its meaning is unknown. However, it designates a people of Iranian or Persian roots and that is located to the east of Turkey. This town is of Muslim affiliation and they speak their own language that is also called “zaza”.


“Zaza” is a song by the American artist 6ix9ine. This song was released on February 19, 2021 in single format.

The Zaza are also known as Dimilis. They differ with the citizens of Iran, as they are not confined within the limits of the current state of this country.

Zaza is an Italian footballer who has played as a forward for Torino in Serie A in Italy. Her name is Simone Zaza and she made her debut for the Italian national team in September 2014.

The name Zaza is feminine, of Hebrew origin and means “golden or golden“. It has variants such as: Saza, Zazah, Zehavi, Zehavit and Zazu. It can be associated with wealth, abundance, or projection. It appears in the Bible in the first book of Chronicles 2.33.