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Definition of Obo

An expression that is used to make jokes between friends, the word itself does not have a meaning, but seeks to make others ask ¿Qué es obo? to answer “this”, pointing to the virile member.


Name given to a leafy American tree that is more widely known as “jobo” or “hobo”.



The word obo in the context of a leafy tree is born as part of the deformation of the language. In many Latin American countries this tree is known as “jobo”, however the expression was deformed until it was pronounced only “obo”.

This meaning has been fully accepted by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language thanks to its wide use in this South American country.


Obo like many other jokes of infants or young people can not find a specific origin. Rather, what is sought is to speak of something completely unknown to the listener that raises the question of knowing what it is. Later it was extended, especially by the school public, and came to be used in several Spanish-speaking regions.


Many internet users have begun to take this word game to social networks. Memes and posts have been created in which they share the phrase “What is obo?” and other variations of it, such as “Huele a obo”.

OBO is the acronym that identifies the phrase Owners Buy Out, which in Spanish is “the owners buy“. This phrase is used in economics to designate that one of the owners of a company increases their number of shares in the company.