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Definition of Albures


Play on words that often hide content of a sexual nature. Normally, they are made from homonymous words, bifrons and even with proper names where the true message is hidden.

Designates love affairs. Its use is usually old and at present it is little used in that sense.

puerto rico

Comments full of falsehood or made from rumors. That is, it is synonymous with lies or gossip.


Plural of a marine fish that is also known as Mullet. This fish is similar to the popular “Bocachico” and lives on European coasts.

Leave things to chance or luck. For example: I am going to get married and I will not leave anything in albures.


Albur comes from the Hispanic Arabic term alburiThe original meaning was aimed at random and it is from there that the double meaning phrases have been developed. Although albures are not always born by chance, their homonymy does represent something not expressed in the first instance of the terms.

The albures are very characteristic of Mexico, at first the use of these was popular among people of low educational level and they were considered as rudeness. Previously, it was exclusive to men, but today it is practiced by women and men as a form of cultural expression.


“Albur de amor” is a popular song by Antonio Aguilar. In this one of the ancient meanings of the term is faithfully portrayed.

In Mexico Lourdes Ruiz has been recognized as the “Queen of the albures”. She is a merchant from a neighborhood in Mexico City that stands out for the use of these types of expressions.

Many people are victims of these double meaning phrases on a daily basis. Even many journalists and celebrities have fallen for this type of joke.

For Mexicans, albures are part of their cultural identity. For this reason, contests are held and the use of these expressions is encouraged.