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Micho Tito Gordo y Cabezón

Definition of Micho Tito Gordo y Cabezón

Albur that aims to pass itself off as several names in the form of a list, when in fact its true meaning is a phrase that refers to the virile member.

Double sense phrase to designate the male virile member . It is used mainly in the southern cone countries such as Argentina and Uruguay.

Joke used on social networks and other media to make others say what they do not want or expect. It has been sent to various media in Argentina and Uruguay.


The phrase Micho, Tito, Gordo y Cabezón is used as a list of pseudonyms that hide a vulgar sense. Phrases like this have been used in popular language for a long time. This in particular is used frequently in the countries of the Rio de la Plata where there is evidence of it, even in television communication media.

The phrase actually seeks to express the phrase “my fat, big-headed chotito”. Chotito is the diminutive of choto masculine noun commonly used in Latin America whose term receives a different concept depending on the region. 

The concept that is shared in common in several countries is that of the male reproductive organ. That is, penis and is also used as a pejorative term synonymous with homosexual.

Ultimately, what is meant is that you have a fat pe##nis with a large gl##ans.


The phrase Micho, Tito, Grande y Cabezón has a variant in which the adjective Negro is added. This is how it would be: Micho, Tito, Negro, Gordo and Cabezón

In Argentina and Uruguay there are several journalists who have mentioned this phrase live. This has been made possible by his ignorance of the meaning and by reading messages from viewers.

Some of the channels in which their journalists have fallen for the joke are: Telefe and Tyc Sports. For the radio the announcer Nora Perlé starred in one of the most famous cases of falling for this joke.