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Debora Melo

Definition of Debora Melo

Apparent proper name that is part of the albures used by many Spanish speakers, and literally means “devour me my anus.”

Double meaning phrase used to ask or demand a fellatio.


Débora Melo is an albur used in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia and the Dominican Republic , which despite being harmless in appearance has a rather morbid and erotic connotation. These types of phrases are typical in many areas of the world.

When reading Débora Melo without space it would be “deboramelo”. Correctly written, it is devóramelo, an imperative of the verb devour, which means to eat eagerly and quickly. This is why this gambit is usually used in order to demand that some part of the human body, especially erogenous zones, be stimulated for a sexual purpose.

These types of expressions are used to confuse or “take for a fool” those who do not know them. Its use is so widespread that it has been part of famous scenes in the media. The people who have fallen for them the most are journalists.


Multiple people have been victims of the jokes that the albures star in and this is no exception for celebrities.

In March 2019, the sports commentator Vito Palma was the victim of a joke that occurred at the moment where the greetings were dedicated and this one read: “Greetings to Débora Melo“.