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Definition of Zooted

It is a state of high level of drug intoxication, to the point of feeling that you are reaching the climax or out of control. For example: At the party last night I was well zooted.

Literally translated from English it is zooteado or animaleado. That is, it is in a state of little reasoning similar to that of animals.


  1. Drugged
  2. Intoxicated
  3. Freaked out
  4. Teteo
  5. High


Zooted comes from the English language, specifically, from the words zoo and the suffix edZoo refers to a zoo or animals, for its part, the ending ed is a genitive, that is, it is added to indicate the execution of an action. Thus, zooted would literally be to be in an “animal or zoo-like state”.

The term began to be used in the United States to describe the feeling of intoxication from the use of alcohol, drugs, or other stimulants. However, due to the extensive use of the word, it became part of the dialect of urban environments in Spanish-speaking areas.


To be zooted you do not need a specific substance, you can become zooted by smoking herbs, alcoholic beverages or any other way of getting high.

Zooted is a song by singer Becky G that is performed with Farruko and French Montana. This theme was released in 2018.