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Definition of Business

The concept of the word Business is harassing an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged with each other or for money, but this is not the whole meaning of business. Here at The Wan Shi Tong Library , we will explain the definition of business.

Business is a commercial company  or industrial and the people who constitute it. It can also be defined as a generally commercial or commercial activity involved as a livelihood: a commercial or sometimes industrial company.

Synonym for Business: 

  • Work
  • Occupation
  • Commerce
  • Company

Business Origin

This word comes from the Old English bisignis ‘ anxiety ‘ (to be busy); The sense of “the state of being busy” was used from Middle English to the 18th century, but is now differentiated as busy.

However, unlike the word business, company comes from the Italian “impresa”, which is an action to print something, to project something and make it come true.

You already know the meaning of Business.