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Definition of Lelo

In any dictionary the word lelo or lela refers to a person who has a lack of liveliness or intelligence and who is not aware of what is happening or being said because of distraction.

For this reason it can also mean a person who is dumb, dumbfounded, simple and fatuous. It also has other meanings such as babieco, silly, naive, imbecile, idiot, tardo, majadero, tarado, dull, clumsy, unbalanced, having little understanding, lacking logic or common sense.


  1. Dumb
  2. Fatuous
  3. Stunned
  4. Unintelligent
  5. Lack of vivacity
  6. Simple


It comes from the Latin lolium and the one we know is the Latin word for the invasive wheat grass known as tares, which in turn comes from the Latin form latinazizania that also comes from the Greek.

In any case, it comes from the Latin lolium, which had the reputation of causing drunkenness or dizziness, as well as problems of blindness or poor vision. That is why it is related to a state of stupefaction and from there it is related to the meaning it has today of a slow, dumb or stunned person.

Similarly, there is a certain relationship with the word leria that refers to a meaningless speech and that is why it also gives the idea of the person who articulates badly pronounced and generates a defective speech. Also from the Greek laleo (to pronounce inarticulate sounds) and from the Latin balbus which means stutterer.


It should be noted that the adjective lelo is derived from the words alelar and alelado, there is also the word “lila” and in the third meaning of the RAE is the meaning of foolish and fatuous which can be an expressive variant of the same.