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Definition of Chunca

This is a word that has several meanings depending on the country. It is a Zapotec word, not Nahuatl, that refers to the youngest of the family, spoiled, it also means pretty little girl. In Quechua it means grapes, figs or pomegranates.

Also in countries like Bolivia, Chile and Peru it represents each of the lower limbs of the human being, which are inserted in the hip and are used in locomotion.


  1. Spoiled woman
  2. Spoiled
  3. Highly esteemed woman
  4. Sweetheart
  5. Beloved
  6. Girl
  7. Beloved girl
  8. Grapes
  9. Figs


We have already seen the multiple meanings that this word has and that there are many others depending on the country. However, in the dictionary of the RAE there is no definition for this word, but it does define xuncu as adolescent or young person and also the last son of a family.

It should be noted, taking into account the legend of La Llorona, that the word xunca is used, which is a Zapotec term and is understood to be the feminine of xunco and in this opportunity it means “young woman”, it can also mean beloved, fiancée or wife.

Although as it is associated with the song of La Llorona, it focuses on an affectionate appellative such as pequeñita and can even refer to the woman who suffers.


It is worth noting that, as a curious fact, one of the meanings in Colombia for this word is a person who lacks a hand, an arm or has lost the use of them, as it can also refer to a person who has only one leg or foot.

In Spain, it refers to an animal that lacks a tail or has a very short tail. In Argentina it means leg.