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Fase 2

Definition of Fase 2

La fase, is a state or situation that differs from related state. Something that changes, advances or develops.

The second phase or “Fase 2” is a new phase that can include all the characteristics of the first and add some new ones; or otherwise have less.

During 2020, some countries planned various phases of containment, restriction and / or development for their inhabitants.

In Chile, phase 2 came with some changes to the measures taken at the beginning of the pandemic, measures such as:

You can leave your home Monday through Friday , but you cannot go to a quarantined place. 

You must respect the curfew  that applies between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless you have a pass. 

You can work if the commune is not in quarantine , unless it is an essential service and you have a collective travel permit or a unique collective permit. 

People over 75 years of age  may go for a walk once a day for 60 minutes (between 10.00 and 12.00 or 15.00 and 17.00). 

Participate in social and recreational gatherings  of a maximum of 10 people in open places and five people in closed places. 

Sports activities are only allowed in urban parks , protected wild areas and the like, and open places with free public access. No audience. Team sports can be performed with a maximum of 10 people.