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Definition of Lache

Lache in the slang of the urban trap genre means embarrassment, whether one’s own or others’.


  1. embarrassment
  2. Dishonor
  3. Oprobrium
  4. Penalty

ORIGIN of Lache

Its origins go back to the Caló language which was used by the Roma and later adopted by the Gypsies, and means shame or dishonor. In trap slang it is used to refer to the same thing.

In trap, the first thing we must take into account and make clear before talking about “terms” is that there is something called “ad libs”, which is a tool that can not miss in rap as a genre, but especially in trap and consist of certain vocal expressions that are added to a certain verse.

They serve as accompaniments or to separate rhymes, or to fill certain spaces of silence in the beats and give variety to the song.

Although the music associated with trap has a particular way of production that separates it from the so-called “boom bap” there is no consensus that can define it as a genre in itself, so it can be considered rather as a child of rap.

The boom it has had in recent years in the Latin market, reminiscent of reggaeton in its beginnings, has transformed it and, to a certain extent, has also “Latinized” it. So it happens with this word “lache” of Romani/Gypsy origin and that has the same meaning in a current slang.


Nowadays, Latin trap has a different sound to the one that has been generalized and spread throughout the rest of the world. Lache is a clear example of this.

The expressions that are added at the end of the lyrics are called “ad libs”. According to experts, these are not just empty words, but each one has a relevant meaning within the rhyme.