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Definition of Chewpa

Word that is part of an albur that combines a phrase in Spanish with an apparent name in English. In this case, it refers to the phrase “suck my dick” and specifically it would be the replacement of the first word.

By homophony it means “suck”, that is, the action in the second or third person singular of sucking something with the mouth.


The origin of chewpa comes from the expression in Spanish “chupa” which refers to the act of sucking. It was born as part of a gamble used on television by a joking spectator. The relationship between the two words is the homophony between them.

The definition of chewpa is born during the humorous joke as a result of its pronunciation, since in the English language, the letters W and U on specific occasions are pronounced exactly the same. For example, the word “Twit” is pronounced the same as “Tweet” in that same way “chewpa” would sound exactly the same as “suck”.


On December 6, 2019, this word appeared as the product of a joke made to the “Fox New First” program where at the beginning of the program there was a segment about greeting people who had their birthday on that day. The joker greeted Amos, Casey and “Chewpa mi ver#ga” respectively.

The joke came to light thanks to the fact that several people shared the recording on social networks, thus pointing out that during the program an obscene Latin expression appeared on television.