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Definition of Calypso

Musical genre originally from Trinidad and Tobago. It is a very popular music in the Antilles, Venezuela, the islands of San Andrés and Providencia in Colombia, among other places in the Caribbean. For example: If you are sad, put calypso at full volume.


Cardboard or colored paper that is characterized by being a bright color on one side and white on the other. It is widely used in academic activities or as part of craft advertisements. An example would be: Bring a sheet of calypso paper for art class tomorrow.


Calypso is an English word that translates into Spanish as “calipso”. Mainly, it is used to designate an Afro-Caribbean musical genre and originates from the Nigerian term kaiso which means “to hide”. The reference to the meaning of the word with the musical rite is not clear.


The calypso paper takes its meaning from the Greek homophone which means “she who hides”. Originally, it designated a mythological being and in the case of paper its name lies in the action that the color applied to it “hides” the original white of the paper.


In Greek mythology, Calypso is a daughter of the titan Atlás who lived in hiding for a long time. It is said in the legend that she had children with Odysseus, but then she had to let him go by order of Zeus.

Fanta Calypso was a soft drink from the “Fanta” brand that was characterized by its blue color. It was distributed for many years in countries like Bolivia, but then its production and sale ceased.