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Definition of Fullsen

This word has generated questions everywhere; from its origin to its definition. But you don’t worry, because here at we will tell you the meaning of fullsen  and everything related to this term. 

The word Fullsen, is a term that comes from the English language, and is the result of the union of two words of the mentioned language, “Full” which means at the top, and Sensitivity.

As mentioned above, we have “Full Sensitivity” which could be expressed as “Maximum Sensitivity”, “Sensitivity to the top” or “Full Sensitivity”.

Fullsen the Brand

In Germany there is a brand that bears the name “Fullsen”, this brand is the leader in the sale of condoms throughout several countries in the world, highlighting the United States as its main market and benchmark for success.

Thanks to its advertising campaign which offers a more sensitive and real intimate experience for its users as opposed to the idea that the condom reduces sensitivity when it comes to intimacy.

This philosophy and the high quality of its products have given the brand a high popularity index worldwide, reaching Latin America through the country of Mexico.

Fullsen in Mexico

Following the arrival of the German company in Mexico, the word “Fullsen” has penetrated the Latin American vocabulary, gaining popularity for its Marketing campaigns in Mexican lands where they offer products such as: Condoms, Lubricants and other products focused on privacy.

Currently throughout several nations, including Latin American nations the word is closely related to its creative brand, being synonymous with a more sensitive intimate experience.