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Brews Brothers

Definition of Brews Brothers

Brews Brothers is the name of the new Netflix original series, released on April 10, 2020. This series tells the story of two brothers who did not have a solid relationship, however, they were united by a family business, said business was a brewery and their mission was to avoid their bankruptcy.

Brews Brothers is a compound word of English origin and means brothers beers, since Brews is beer. This is why the name of this series is linked to the central idea that develops the plot.

This series will star actors Alan Aisenberg known for his participation in Orange is The New Black series, which is also available on the Netflix platform, Mike Castle, protagonist of the television series Clipped and Carmen Flood known for his participation in Dog.

The Netflix platform will be launching in April the first season of Brews Brothers that belongs to the comedy genre and will have 8 episodes.