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Definition of Hablador

The word hablador is an adjective and refers to a person who talks too much or too much, with imprudence and insolence and even bothering the listener. Who out of malice, daring or indiscretion tells everything he hears and sees.

In countries such as Ecuador, Mexico or the Dominican Republic, liars are called this way.


  1. Talks a lot. Too much.
  2. Insolent
  3. Reckless
  4. Liar
  5. Liar
  6. Indiscreet

ORIGIN OF Hablador

This is a term that has its etymology from the intransitive neuter verb “to talk” and the suffix “dor” that refers to the one who usually performs the action both as agent and as cause, and it is an expression that can be used as a noun.

However, it is a fact: we have all met someone at some time or another who simply cannot stop talking, telling anecdotes about herself and, in short, making the conversation monotonous. If you’ve never met someone like that, then chances are that person is you.

It is always annoying to deal with an individual who talks too much, i.e. a talker, mainly because the conversation revolves around his adventures and misadventures, but it is inevitable for that person not to talk about himself.

The reasons for so much talking may turn out to be mainly intrinsic. Therefore we say that he is a talker.
There are many people who are naturally talkative, who are devoutly self-absorbed and oblivious to the imbalance between talking and listening, but others are so annoying that they go as far as exaggeration or distortion of facts, to the point of lying and indiscretion.


“El hablador” is the title of a famous novel by the Spanish-Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize in Literature 2010, which was published in Spain in 1987.