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Definition of PROCRASTINAR

It is the act or habit of postponing, extend or delay, especially something that requires immediate attention, but that is not all that procrastinar means.

The most popular facts we usually call “laziness” or leave things for later. A good phrase for a procrastinador would be: “I will leave for tomorrow what I can do today.”

  • Daily tasks: going shopping, cleaning the house, ironing, packing for a trip, going to the doctor, cutting our hair, etc.
  • Personal care: the typical purposes of each new year: stop smoking, exercise more, diet, do more training to improve at work, etc.
  • Commitments to others: we do not resolve couple conflicts, we leave for the last day to prepare an anniversary party, we postpone the fact of dedicating more personal time to our children, etc. but also at work we procrastinate when we don’t prepare a meeting or leave the tasks until the last moment.

Synonyms of procrastinar: Defer, Delay.

You already know what procrastinar is.