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Definition of Colmado

It is the popular place in the neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic where the poor and lower middle class people make basic purchases of some products of daily consumption.

It is a small food store. It sells any type of food, alcoholic beverages, seasonings, condiments, oils, sausages, coffee, cigars, cookies, etc… even cleaning products.

Many of these grocery stores offer “delivery” services, that is to say, the service offered by the delivery man who goes to the customer’s door.


  1. Neighborhood
  2. Mini Market, grocery, store, warehouse, bodega, store, grocery store,


“Colmado” is originally from Spain. This is the name given to stores dedicated to the retail sale of provisions and groceries, generally non-perishable.

In the countries that were colonized by the Spanish Crown, stores of this type were established, known by different names depending on the country where they are located.

The offer of these businesses is very limited, that is to say, they manage to offer the public only a few products.


In the Dominican Republic, it is possible to legally register a “colmado”, it is only necessary to meet the requirements that are formally requested.

In the poor neighborhoods of New York “bodegas” or “colmados” have been created exclusively for citizens of Mexican origin.

In the Dominican Republic, colmados are popular places frequented by lower-middle class Dominicans, especially on weekends. In these places, they consume alcoholic beverages such as rum or beer, dance, play dominoes, etc.

Also, parishioners usually sit in them to watch baseball games. These activities are accompanied by camaraderie among friends.