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Definition of MMK

MMK is the abbreviation of the words Mano-Maya-Kosha, which in the Sanskrit language means Mind-Illusion-Layers respectively. It refers to the process of overcoming created by the Mexican writer Alejandra Lamas to “dispel the illusory layers of the mind” and transform the perspective of life.

MMK process

“MMK” is an ontological coaching process that affects the body, emotion, language and behavior of the person. It is a type of methodology that contributes to the transformation of the being and its real environment through self-knowledge.

The activity helps to change the illusions full of fear, disability, shame, among others, for a conscious and full life.

Through the purification of the being, the person feels more complete and in an environment of well-being, feeling good energy, peace and tranquility. This will allow (depending on the process) to achieve results in the different areas of life.

In addition to ontology, Alejandra Lamas’s MMK process is based on the pillars of Being, the pattern of Visual Movement and the Development of Consciousness.

Application by Alejandra Lamas

MMK , an application for Android devices is also known that has different resources for learning about the MMK process.

Ar MMK Apk

Like Ar MMK Apk , it is called an entertainment app for Android and iOS in Burma / Myanmar , which produces a particular video when performing the banknote scanner.

Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK)

This is the title of the Philippine drama anthology television series, also known as Memories , broadcast by ABS-CBN (Philippine Commercial Television Network).

It is the longest running series in the Philippines (since 1991) and is about stories told by celebrities and the general public.

One of his most striking programs was that of Máximo Giménez (founder of Max Restaurant ). It tells the story where after the Second World War, the US troops suggested the creation of a restaurant. All this after they had tasted the delicious chicken that Máximo and his niece had prepared.