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Definition of Guayar

central america

 It is used as a synonym for grating, that is, grinding, mainly food, with a grater or damaging a surface with a sharp element. For example: You must guayar the cheese.

It alludes to the act of dancing closely or closely together, this significance is promoted by some songs of different Latin genres. An example would be: This night you have to guayar off on the track.

dominican republic

It is usually conjugated in different areas of Latin America to refer to the act of making a mistake or making a mistake. Thus, guayarse refers to a time when things do not go as expected. For example: He always loves singing.


It is used as a synonym of crying, lamenting or suffering a great pain. For example: Are you guayando for that idiot?


central america

  1. Grate
  2. Crush


  1. Dance
  2. Perrear

dominican republic

  1. To err
  2. Err


  1. Mourn
  2. To regret


central america

The origin of the word guayar in Central American semantic contexts is not clear. However, it is presumed that it comes from “guay” which means “very good”. From this perspective, it would be a positive way to signify dogging as a good thing.


 The origin of this use is onomatopoeic , that is, it arises from the sound of crying “cool, llay”. The only thing that is done to determine it as an action is to put an infinitive ending characteristic of verbs.


The word “guayar” can be found in many songs with rhythms such as merengue , reggaeton, trap and the like. In addition, it can be found conjugated in different ways, namely, as guayando, guaya, guayar, among others.

“Guaya Guaya” is a song by the Puerto Rican artist known as “Don Omar“. This song was released in 2015 as part of the album titled “The Last Don II”.