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Definition of Gata

A cat.

In urban music slang, its meaning refers to a sexy and sensual woman when dancing reggaeton. Or also to a sexually attractive woman, and usually quite provocative.

But gata also refers to the feminine name of a shrub with ascending or erect stems and thorns usually arranged in pairs in the axils of the leaves composed of three small, elliptical, toothed leaflets, which can reach up to 80 cm in height.


  1. Sexy and provocative woman
  2. Bitch, mare
  3. Female cat
  4. Thorny bush.


Although it is certainly possible to be used in a friendly way as a compliment to refer to a woman with a sensual figure, its origin in the introduction of the reggaeton genre is undetermined.

That said, it goes without saying that when a reggaetonero says this word, it is obvious that he or she is not referring to the female pet. In several songs we hear artists refer to a woman’s cat, but it’s not that they have something against the feline, they are really talking about her lover.

In reggaeton slang, the human person is usually animalized, and just as the dance is called “perreo”, so sexy women are referred to as “gatas”.


In the 90’s the singer Ivy Queen already made reference to cats when she improvised with The Noise, being this another of her nicknames “la gata”. She referred to them as a sign of empowered women.

Nicky Jam’s “La gata” has a verse that says: “where are the cats that don’t talk and go forward. Where’s the corillo guillao del maleante”.