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Definition of Guayando

This is the conjugation of a verb: guayar.
Guayar means to get rich or to get drunk, to get drunk by drinking too much alcohol in excess. Although it can also be used to refer to dancing very close together as a couple rubbing against each other.
Guayar also means to lament, to cry, to complain, to suffer. Guayando is therefore an inflection of this verb and means complaining, lamenting, crying (in Gerundio).
In another meaning, it means, to scrape a surface, to grate, that is, to crumble with a grater or grater.


  1. To get drunk or inebriated.
  2. To dance very close together as a couple
  3. Crying, complaining, lamenting, grieving, weeping, wailing, wailing.

ORIGIN of guayando

This term is composed of an interjection already in disuse: “guay”, and also of the noun “guayo” and the inflectional suffix “ar” that refers to the infinitive of verbs, so this word turns out to be an intransitive neutral verb.

In relation to meanings such as entristecer, sollozar, llorar, hipar, lamentarse, apenarse, plañir, lagrimear, lagrimarse, deplorarse, condolerse, apesadumbrarse or compadecerse, it is a word that is no longer used today, so it is said to be in disuse.

In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, this term means to crumble, pulverize or crumble with a grater or to spoil any surface.

However, in the street slang of urban music singers in Caribbean countries, the verb ‘guayar’ is synonymous with raspar, which is why in Puerto Rico, guayo is the name given to the kitchen utensil known as a grater. Guayar also means to dance very close together or to get drunk.


The artist Daddy Yankee made in collaboration with Nicky Jam -both significant exponents of the genre- the song “Guayando”, which says: “guayando, sudando, perreando, bellaqueando…”.

Guayando” is also one of the hits of the artist Fulanito, referring to dancing to the rhythm of the Dominican merengue.