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Definition of Gooba

Adjective applied to a person who is considered stupid or confused. For example: Let her go with someone else, don’t be gooba.

In the first person it is synonymous with the phrase “Ihave no idea“. An example would be: – Do you know what exam we have today? – Gooba.

In some contexts the meaning has been censored a bit to refer to someone who is very joking and can become uncomfortable.


Translated from the Somali language, transliteration gooba means in Spanish ” location “. In other words, the place where someone or something lives or is.


Gooba is a colloquial word that is used in English-speaking countries like the United States to designate someone who is considered a fool. It is associated, not directly, with the language used in the prisons of the North American country.

The popularization of the term is due to a musical theme and all the scandal or situations that are around the song and its interpreter. From this perspective, the issue made the term known in countries as idiomatically diverse as Chile, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, and others.


GOOBA is a song by the American rapper 6ix9ine. This song was released in May 2020 and quickly became widely accepted by the global public.

The song GOOBA is considered in the year 2020 as one of the most reproduced on YouTube in the first 24 hours since its publication with a total of 38.9 million.

The 6ix9ine song release corresponded to the day the artist was released. for this reason, the single is considered as a “return to the ring” after having served a deprivation of liberty for at least 9 counts.