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Definition of ADMV

This acronym designates the romantic phrase in Spanish “amor de mi vida“. That is, it is an expression that puts another person as the greatest love in the existence of another.


Abbreviation for a renowned automobile organization. It is called “Allgemeiner Deutscher Motor sport-Verband” and runs sports in cars in the eastern part of the European country.


  1. My great love
  2. Eternal love
  3. My only love


ADMV is the acronym in Spanish for the phrase “amor de mi vida” (love of my life) that is used informally in social networks and messaging applications. One of the reasons for its popularization is to name a song by the Colombian singer “Maluma”.

These types of abbreviations are very common in romantic language and social networks. One of the best known among Spanish speakers is TQM, which means “I love you very much.” These types of expressions seek to speed up the communication of various messages.


ADMV is a song by the Colombian singer “Maluma” released on April 23, 2020. It is speculated that Natalía Barulích is the girl to whom this musical title is directed.