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Definition of Groso

The word groso is a typical Spanish language and in its more traditional meaning means “thick”, but this is not all that means groso, Next we will show you what groso means and all its different connotations. Let us begin!

The origin of groso comes from the Latin Grossus which means coarse, this word is used as thick in the Spanish language.

In the southern part of South America, mainly in Argentina and Uruguay, the meaning of groso is “Very prominent person in something specific”.

This word is used regularly in cases where a person is very good at something or believes it even if it is not true.

For example:

  • Mi amigo juan es un groso en el futbol  – My friend Juan is very good at playing football.

This term is also used to highlight the beauty of a woman, or the greatness of something in particular.

Examples :

  • Laura is a mine that is re Grosa  – Laura is a girl who is very pretty.
  • The movie from last night was delicious – The movie from last night  was very epic.

Another meaning of groso is that which evokes the greatness of someone, being used as a gesture of admiration.


  • Sos groso mario  – You are great mario.

Other information :

  1. Another use of the word Groso comes from the well-known term “Groso Mode” which literally translated from Latin means (grossly).
  2. Despite its literal translation, the use of the phrase Groso mode is “More or less or approximately.”

For example:

  • A groso modo el plan funciono  – The plan more or less worked.
  • Puedes explicármelo de groso modo  – You can explain it to me approximately.