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Emocional de Enfermedades

Definition of Emocional de Enfermedades

Biodescodification (Emocional de Enfermedades) is an alternative medicine denomination that tries to find the emotional meaning of illnesses, in order to find the way to heal from there.

SYNONYMS FOR Emocional de Enfermedades

  1. Biodescodification
  2. Metaphysical and emotional meaning.

ORIGIN OF Emocional de Enfermedades

According to some views, every disease has an emotional or metaphysical origin, that is to say that its cause is due to some type of feeling that does not manifest as such, and therefore is projected on the physical plane of the body.

This is called biodescodification, a proposal of medicine that tries to find the metaphysical origin and the emotional meaning of the diseases, in order to find the way to cure them.

However, biodescodification does not replace other types of therapies or treatments, but rather complements them.

Understanding where each pathology comes from from the emotional point of view can be a starting point for the prevention of a relapse and thus improve.

Cancer, for example, is a disease for which there is not a single cause that triggers the appearance of a malignant tumor, but there are several and they interact with each other.

In this sense, the emotional factor is very strong and according to biodescodification, Cancer usually appears in people who maintain some old resentment or certain emotional problems that they bring from the past and have not been solved, so they usually feel deeply wounded.

The same thing happens with depression and anxiety, the feeling of hopelessness, accompanied by contained aggression, especially towards oneself. Guilt and low self-esteem are the main causes.

CURIOSITIES OF Emocional de Enfermedades

The origin of all disorders, according to biodescodification, are contained in a complete dictionary of diseases catalogued in alphabetical order.