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Definition of Osamenta

Osamenta term widely used in science, in areas such as anatomy, forensic medicine or criminology. If you want to know more about this term, stay in…. Shall we start?

Osamenta is the set of bones articulated with each other that support and give consistency to the body of vertebrates. In short, osamenta is what we commonly call the human skeleton or any other vertebrate.

Osamenta comes from the Latin osamenta , ossa bone.

Osamenta or human skeleton apart from being the support of the body, has other functions such as;

  • Locomotion.
  • Support and support of muscles and soft tissues.
  • Soft tissue protection.

In the human being, the osamenta is divided into:

  • Axial skeleton comprising head, thorax and pelvis.
  • Appendicular skeleton comprising upper and lower extremities.

The bones that make up this are divided in turn into:

  • Short bones
  • Flat bones
  • Long bones
  • Irregular bones

But the osamenta is not only going to be characterized by articulated bones, it is possible to speak of osamenta to the set of loose bones.

As is the case of the osamenta found and studied by archaeologists.

We can show that due to the passage of time and the absence of life, the components that maintain the joints of the bones are lost.

And this set of bones studied by archaeologists can be called osamenta.