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Definition of Anaerobico

The word anaerobico refers to intense exercise that produces an absence of free oxygen. This type of exercise is usually used to build muscle mass and strengthen our musculoskeletal system and the objective of this exercise is to tone our muscles and the type of energy to consume is glucose, but this is not all that anaerobico means.

In Greek, the prefix “a” or “an” means no or without, and bios means life, this means that the concept of anaerobico is literally ” lifeless ” or in other words ” without oxygen “.

Sports and anaerobico exercises, such as gymnastics, weight lifting, and sprinting, are high intensity but short in duration, so they do not involve much oxygen consumption and are therefore anaerobic exercises.

Examples of anaerobico exercises:

  • Dumbbells,
  • ABS,
  • Push-ups,
  • Fight,
  • Cycling,
  • Running or swimming at a fast pace.

You already know what Anaerobico means