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Definition of Aerobico

To understand what aerobico means, we must understand where this word comes from. Here at, we will tell you its history, as well as what the word aerobico means.

The concept of Aerobico, comes from the Greek etymology and means aero (air), bio (life) and ikos (related to) in short term aerobico means air related to life. Next we will tell you that it is aerobico.

Aerobico exercise is a method that began in the early 1980s, coined in 1968 by Kenneth H. Cooper who was  American doctor, who created a method for improving the cardiovascular system.

Aerobicos are a system of exercises (such as running , walking , swimming, or calisthenics) performed vigorously to cause a marked temporary increase in breathing and heart rate.

You already know what it is Aerobico.