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Definition of Metabolismo

It is a collection of chemical reactions that takes place in the cells of the body. Metabolismo converts the fuel in the food we eat into the energy necessary to fuel everything we do, from thinking and growing, but this is not the whole meaning of metabolismo.

Metabolismo is a constant process that begins when we are conceived and ends when we die. It is a vital process for all life forms, not only for humans. If the metabolismo stops, living things die.

Stages of Metabolismo

Anabolic state

The anabolic are synthetic reactions, which means that simple molecules to complex molecules part produce substances produced are incorporated into the protoplasm of cells to be part of living matter. Some examples are: water and carbon dioxide produced by glucose.

Catabolic State

The catabolic are decomposition reactions, ie, a macromolecule or complex molecule is degraded to form simpler substances, substances produced degraded waste materials are removed from the body. An example is: proteins that produce amino acids.

You already know what Metabolismo means.