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Definition of Sexsomnia

The Sexsomnia is a condition of sleep suffered by a small number of people in the world. It arouses the curiosity of many thanks to its peculiar effect. If you want to know more, below, we will tell you what is the meaning of Sexsomnia and what is its etymological origin.

The term Sexsomnia is defined as a parasomnia that causes a person to have carnal relations while sleeping .

Parasomnia, is the name given to disorders that occur in humans during sleep phases, such as sleepwalking .

One of the key characteristics within this pathology is the ability to experience pleasure and ease during sleep.

As a fact to keep in mind, just like sleepwalking, people who suffer from Sexsomnia cannot remember what happened.

According to official data, only 2% of the adult population worldwide has Parasomnia and of these only 10% experience Sexsomnia.

Taking the aforementioned data in reference, it can be determined that Sexsomnia is a rather rare phenomenon among people.

The diagnosis of this condition is made through questionnaires to the patient and his partner about the behavior of the former during sleep.

Currently, there are no known possible causes for this disorder, which is why the origin of this pathology continues to be investigated.

As a curious note, in the series DR.House during episode 17 of the first season a woman with this disorder appears.

Origin of Sexsomnia

The origin of this word comes from the composition of the Latin terms Sexus and Somnus which means Court and Sleep.

As a clarification, the word Sexus or Corte refers to the gender division between men and women, hence its connotation